Fun with Your Aura!


Just a fun blog for this week!

My Facebook friend turned me onto this site about Aura’s. Now, because I am a very curious Soul, I clicked the link and went straight there!

The first question you might have is What is an Aura?

You Aura is the energy that surrounds your physical human form. When taken with a special Camera it can emanate in color. Every living being including plants and animals have an Aura.

The color of you Aura gives you a little peek inside your life… like telling a short story about your personality, interests or where you’re headed on your path.

My FB friend also pointed us in the direction where you can upload your own photo from your computer and have it analyze your photo with your aura colors.

Now, let’s be clear…. I’m not vouching for the site or  it’s accuracy… but I will tell you that it’s kinda fun 😉

If you like more information about Auras and what their colors mean you can Visit this Blog  – here he lists ALL the colors and their meanings.

If you’d like to have some fun and giggles then you can GO HERE to upload a photo of your own… Just be warned… the site is in German and you will need to have it translated for you. (..unless you already speak German)

Have fun and come back and tell us what your colors are!!

UPDATE: I think the website above is now charging for the photo changes – head over and check



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