Polarity Reversal… Are You Out of Balance?

Sometimes It’s hard to stay in balance these days with the ever constant shifts in energy. You might even find that some days are better than others and then there are THOSE days when it doesn’t matter what’s going on – you just can’t seem to find neutral.

Can you tell that I’ve had some of those days, myself?

So if you’re one of those peeps who has been feeling really out of balance, fatigued, being drained of energy, even though you’re eating right an exercising – then it’s possible that your Polarity is off.

What is your polarity?

Well, think of it this way… The Body and your Being have an energetic System that contains Positive, Negative and neutral poles. (Think North pole,  South Pole, and Equator)

Normally, your North Pole is North and your South Pole is South… but with all the shifting and merging and other energetic happenings around us – sometimes these poles can become reversed.

You might notice it when you’re suddenly super fatigued even after getting solid night’s sleep, feeling out of balance, can’t get grounded worth a “cough” (a-hem) or just feel as if something is off.

If this sounds like you… I Invite you to re-balance your poles and move into greater states of Balance and Alignment with your own Universal Life force Energy.


Visit  www.elizabethpfeiffer.com


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