Tapping Into Your own Intuition

In one of my last posts “How do you know what your client needs?   I talked about how, as a Spiritual Guide, I don’t ”tell” my clients what they need… instead I help them make that discovery on their own.

What I neglected to share was a way to do that… and I detest posts such as those myself… If you’re going to state something like that you should at least have a tool in order to practice. Agree?

Ok, so here it is.

This exercise is listed on my website under my FAQ page  should you need to find it again.

So let’s use the example that I have listed there. The most common question I get asked by people is “What type of Service do I need?” As I offer several different types of packages and sessions it can get a bit overwhelming.

So here’s what you do…

Visit my WEBSITE and pick two packages that you might have interest in then do the following:

  1. Sit quietly and draw all your energy into your heart center.
  2. Look over the packages you have in front of you.
  3. Then ask that higher aspect of you to show you which one is the right program for you.
  4. Ask one by one: “Will this program serve my best and highest good?” “Is this the program I should invest in?” etc.
  5. FEEL into each program.
  6. The one that FEELS lighter/expansive or more heart opening is the one that is in alignment with where you are.
  7. The one that FEELS heavier/contracted is not right for you.
  8. Lastly, Go with you gut it always knows. 🙂

Try this out and let me know how you made out. Maybe None of my programs are right for you or maybe you’ll surprise yourself 😉


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