Intuitive Coaching®, Energy Psychology & The IN-Vizion® Process

If you’re just hearing about IN-Vizion® process then you are on the cusp of learning about a new, cutting edge technology that has propelled the field of Energy Psychology forward.

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The IN-Vizion®  process, created by, Colette Baron-Reid, is a co-creative process that helps clients identify their own subconscious blocks that are holding them back.

This new form of Energy Psychology not only pin points the origin of the block, but through a specialized process, helps the client remove it and re-pattern it by altering the neural-pathways in the brain. What does that mean, exactly?

Let’s look at the Psychology of it here:


You have a pattern of belief that runs around your mind like hamster on a wheel. Constantly circling faster and faster with no way off!

It starts with a thought. Let’s say you want a new job because you’re not making enough money to support yourself in the one you’re in. That thought then turns into feelings of fear, illusion, inability to support yourself, depression because you can’t get out of the situation you’re in and then ultimately hopelessness.

These feelings now influence your mind and your energy. Your mind is saying, “You’re right! We’re never going to get a new job! It’s hopeless, we’re not good enough, everyone is better than we are etc.…”

This pattern of belief, if left unattended will not only consume your thoughts, feelings and your mind, but it will also influence your energy.  So each time you “think” your not worthy, it’s hopeless etc.…  your Energy is projecting that pattern into the world and drawing those things toward you. The more you go round and round with you thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and fear the more energy you create around it

So how can you break that energetic pattern?

As Intuitive Coaches ® we are trained in the IN-Vizion® process that will help you locate that energetic pattern within your own subconscious mind and help you re-write the story you keep telling yourself. This “re-writing” process not only affects your energy but your subconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Once the story is “re-written” or “re-told”, within the subconscious, the energy will shift and so do your feelings about it.

This New Innovative process can also tap into issues that stem from Ancestors, parents, or other old belief systems that can be running your thoughts and feelings from places you are not even consciously aware of. How cool is that?

The process energy psychology has been proven by tons of client testimony to have changed people’s lives in a little as six sessions!  SIX SESSIONS! That’s one session per week for six weeks.

People have reported an increase in their energy, self-esteem, self-value, self-worth etc.…  I’ve had clients who’ve come to me feeling hopeless and depressed and after SIX sessions their energy shifted so dramatically, that when I read back to them their intake form, their comments are almost always “I don’t even know who that person is anymore!”

So if you’re someone who wants to experience a life change with this new, Innovative form of energy psychology then get to it! Why wait when you can have a completely different way of living in a little as Six weeks!

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