How do you Determine What your Client needs?

Wow, I was asked a really GOOD question today via my contact link.

“How do you determine what your client needs?”

This is such a great question because I don’t function like most Spiritual Healers/Teachers. I know from a business perspective this is an opportunity to dive right in, talk about what her issues are and make a treatment suggestion but this reminds me of traditional medicine in which many of us have given our power over to “Professionals”, “Doctors” or other people in authority.

Needless to say, my response to potential clients is not widely accepted in the business community as it is perceived that I’m letting an opportunity slip away. Maybe this is true and I’ll change my practice ways down the road but right now this system resonates with me.

As a Spiritual Teacher, I don’t “tell” clients what they need… instead I try to give them enough information about me and my services that they can make an informed decision. I offer FREE Classes via my sign-up form, which includes meditations, audio’s, and worksheets so they can become familiar with me, my energy, and the energy I work with. I also hold very inexpensive SI2HC Healing Tele-calls via my Facebook Page for the same reason.

My entire practice is about empowering people and that happens from the very first contact. I help them discover what they need by going within and getting the answers for themselves. Yes, even during their initial email contact.

As one of my blogs said, You are the Guru and know one really  knows you and what you need better than YOU.


4 thoughts on “How do you Determine What your Client needs?

  1. As an acupuncturist, determining what your client needs is different from how one would go about it in conventional medicine. I read another blog post you wrote about trusting our intuition when it comes to healing. That’s a great point. I know the diagnostic criteria for acupuncture and all of the logistics. However, combining skills with intuition allows you to develop an individualized treatment plan for a patient. It helps me see things a little differently than if I had been more rigid.

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