I Am Only Human…

This trend of creating the “I’m only human” excuse for our behaviors, beliefs, feelings and emotions toward ourselves or others is yet another detour to avoiding looking inward and really analyzing why we are where we are right now.

What if I told you that you weren’t human at all! That you were a Divine Being of love and light that incepted from the heart of source in order to experience what it’s like to be human? Would you embrace that definition or deny it?

What if it was your Ego, which is based in Fear, Lack and Illusion, that keeps you  prisoner in your own mind – and body which you have “borrowed” in order to incarnate in this dimension?

What If said that you were NOT  a prisoner to your emotions, thoughts, projections of others, ancestral or current belief  systems… and even when you perceive things as really  cruddy that you are so powerful that you actually HAVE the ability to Shift out if it!

The “I’m only human” explanation allows all of the above to exist in your world because you’ve allowed the Ego’s perception of your reality to be bought into your existence and now you’re experiencing it.

In my SI2HC program Principal Two talks about “your internal world creating your outer reality.” So, if you’re entrenched in a self-limiting belief like Fear, Lack or Depression – we look at these emotions from a place of “what could they be trying to teach me?”

When we can slow down enough and tap into our own Intuition we can identify/recognize the lessons that are being brought forward. That our feelings are like a barometer or a signal that is flashing at us like a red light in order to draw our attention to the lesson of it so we can SHIFT it! When you ignore these signals by accepting them as a part of your “humanity” you reinforce that you have no control over your emotions, feelings or your life.

Some Lesson Examples:

Discord of Fear — Lesson of increasing Faith and Trust

Discord of Depression —  Lesson of increasing connection with that higher aspect of yourself (Deep – press – in)

Discord of Lack — Lesson of there is always enough/abundance

So, today I’m going to invite you STOP and connect in. Recognize, identify and acknowledge the feelings/emotions that you are experiencing right now, align with that higher aspect of yourself and ask:

1. What is the feeling/emotion I’m sensing?

2. What could that feeling/emotion be trying to teach/show me?

3. What is  the opposite of the emotion/feeling? (some samples are above)

4. What can I do in order to shift this?  (some examples to try are listed below)

  • Prayer
  • Energy Healing
  • Energy Work
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Essential oils
  • Flower Essences

Just for today, I’d like to invite you to STOP being human and start walking in the light of you’re own Divinity!

Elizabeth Pfeiffer Practices as a SI2HC (Shifting Into Higher Consciousness) Teacher & Guide and Master Intuitive Coach (c). Visit her website at http://www.Elizabethpfeiffer.com for a list of programs and services.

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