Weight Loss Help when it comes to Sugar Addiction

Did you know that if you want to lose weight you have to strip your entire diet from all refined white sugar and all white flour?

“HELP,” can you hear me freaking out?

You see the majority of the population in the U.S. is addicted to sugar, which does not help your Weight Loss efforts nor does it provide any nutrition. In fact, it’s so sneaky that you may not even recognize it anymore as it’s gone through all kinds of different processes and name changes such as Corn syrup, Fructose, sucralose etc.  And if you check the labels on the majority of food you have in your cupboards right now you will see at least one of these ingredients tucked away in there. (Don’t believe me? Pull out your jarred Spaghetti Sauce and see.)

So, where do you turn for help?

Well, I have to be honest… I really needed some Weight loss help when I started training in Weight Release Energetix® program. In fact, I was not able to completely cut ALL sugar out of my diet. Everywhere I turned I found sugar in my cereal, pasta, and even sauces! So here’s what I did knowing full well that if I wanted to lose weight successfully, I was going to have to calm the sugar bug in me.

I tried substituting sugar for honey and even agave nectar thinking I was doing a good job only to find out later that honey processes in the body like sugar and Agave Nectar processes like formaldehyde. Ugh, help!

I knew that if I really wanted to lose weight I was going to have to do something drastic in order to dissolve my dependence on sugar.  So I forged ahead on the Weight Release Energtix ® program and started to increase my vegetable intake, as the plan suggests, by juicing detox type of vegetables into my daily plan.

Now don’t get me wrong… I did NOT do a 100% juicing plan – that is not a part of the Weight Release Energetix tm program. Instead I created a plan that combined juicing with the Weight Release Energetix® eating guidelines.

Using the food guidelines outlined in the Weight Release Energetix® program I was able to get the help I needed. I increased my vegetable intake long enough to “re-set” my body. I blended vegetables and fruits in the morning and had a light lunch and a juice, OR just the juice itself. Then at night I ate a normal dinner with my family.

Now understand I didn’t start juicing with the intent of losing weight but rather to get weight loss help! This process allowed me…

1. To cleanse and “re-set” my system.

2. To increase my vegetable intake as I was considerably low.

3. To curb my addiction to refined sugar substances.

4. To help my digestive system function more effectively.

I did this for about 4 weeks (on and off – if we’re going to be honest) then I backed off on the juices and started introducing regular, healthy foods into my meals as out lined in the Weight Release Energetix ® program. In conjunction with weekly coaching sessions I received from another Coach, who was certifying in the program, I was able to better manage and control myself and ultimately calmed the Sugar addiction to a manageable state. Plus my clothes started fitting great!! BONUS!

How do you fight off your Sugar Bugs?

Elizabeth is a Master Intuitive Coach (r) and Energy Healer visit her site at http://www.elizabethpfeiffer.com 

Interested in becoming your own Weight Release Energetix tm Coach?


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