What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is actually an ancient science of healing the body through the use of your own Energy Fields. Energy healing is helpful when you’ve created dis-cord or dis-ease in the body. For more information on how that occurs please visit my previous blog called How illness manifests.

Once you are able to locate the dis-cord in the body, an Energy Healing practitioner can identify where  the discord is lodged within the body or Energy fields. This can be done in many different ways which is why there are so many energy healing modalities out there. Once you find the one that resonates with you the practitioner will then tune into your Energy to see what the root causes to the discord is and try to clear it.

In my experience, the majority of energy healing modalities that are on the planet right now work from this perspective. The practitioner locates the discord in the body/energy fields and uses another energy source (theirs, the universe, spirit etc…) to help clear and move the blocks.

In my practice, however, I don’t do either.

I use a New Innovative Energy Healing Consciousness that allows me to tune into the discord and then I hold a safe, sacred, space, as I invite that higher aspect of you to do the work. That higher aspect of you will then work with your energy fields, your guides and your body to locate the discord and heal it on its own with no interference from me. Thus, I’m not actually doing the healing but YOU are! How cool is that? You’re running your own Energy Healing process on yourself!

So, what is the benefit of this?

Well, quite simply put, if YOUR doing the energy healing then YOU get to decide if you want to shift/heal the energy that is troubling you… or not. It’s like saying “Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, Elizabeth, but I’m not ready to heal that yet.” No problem!  You’re the one running the show. Sometimes inexperienced practitioners will see the discord and try to force the discord to shift, but through my SI2HC process and the In-vizion ™ Coaching Process we honor where you are with whatever issue you are facing.

For those who feel that Energy Healing is just something that is way out of their league of comprehension I will combine my Energy Healing Sessions with my Intuitive Coaching (r) processes. This is where the fun begins! I use this combination to work with people who have blocks, are not really familiar with Energy Healing, or who want to consciously participate in the shifting of their own energy.

The In-vizion(tm) process allows you to uncover the areas that need to be addressed through a specialized technique that allows you to talk directly with the subconscious mind. Once that (block, discord, or dis-ease) is located we can heal that energy and bring in immediate relief.

You see once you shift an energy out of discord and into harmony you will see a dramatic or marked improvement in the original discord you were experiencing. The best thing about it? An Energy Healing session can be done in less than two hours… but you will feel remarkably better within 2-7 days without the use of any synthetic substances or harmful toxins.

What’s your favorite Energy Healing Modality? Let us know below! 

Elizabeth holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Temple University and practices as an Intuitive Coach ™ and Energy Healer, and a Shifting Into Higher Consciousness Guide and Teacher. More about her work can be found at www.elizabethpfeiffer.com 

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