Mind Your Own Business!

YES, you!  How many of you are walking around right now in your judgement shoes? Hmmmmm? This blog is a playoff from my previous blog called Practicing Compassion. It’s really a very easy concept except people have sooooooooooo much difficulty taking off their judgement shoes and allowing people to be where ever they are. Louboutin-shoes-S-S-2011-womens-shoes-19398690-600-542

Reflecting a moment on the Practicing Compassion blog where we discussed that particular people at the Soul level must experience certain situations for their spiritual growth and evolution. Those experiences may not seem “right” according to your perception of the world but that’s irrelevant as the Soul has decided that it’s right for them for where they are and need to go.

Here’s the kicker… the moment you step into judgment of another… it simply becomes a reflection of the way you’re judging yourself.

So, for this week – I invite you to take off your judgement shoes and when you feel yourself going there do the following:

1. Go Inward and find the places where you’re actually judging yourself and projecting that judgement onto others.

2. Try the exercises outlined in my Practicing Compassion blog.

After all, you can’t control the behaviors of others… only yourself… so stop trying.

**Here’s an after thought… I would totally buys these shoes shown here in the blog!!! ~ Without the judgment – of course 🙂

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Elizabeth Pfeiffer, MSW practices as a Shifting Into Higher Consciousness Guide & Teacher and is a Certified Intuitive Coach (R)

Visit her Website at www.elizabethpfeiffer.com 

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