Right now some of you are going… huh? So what does it really mean and how do you do it?

With all the Irritation,Lethargy and Fear vibrations circulating right now during these dimensional merges people are finding themselves to moving through some very difficult situations, experiences or lesson.

Not just people you meet on the street but friends, spouses and partners as well. In a previous blog on Empathic Sensitivity  I explained how another persons issues can trigger you into:

  1. Thinking that their emotions are yours.
  2. Is the Soul’s way of trying to get information from your Soul.

So let’s take this to the next step…

Understand that every Soul is different and requires different lessons in order to spiritually grow and evolve. In order to do this they may choose a different experience from you in order to achieve that goal and learn that lesson so they may move into greater states of conscious awareness. Someone may use trauma to move them into greater states of courage or some other type of event to bring forth whatever lesson they are trying to master in this lifetime. These mechanisms may seem/appear drastic, harsh, or unconscionable to you, but they are the lessons that another Soul needs in order to propel themselves forward.

These lessons may seem so hard that you might react with statements/thoughts such as:

“OMG, why would anyone want to experience that?”

The real question to ask would be:

“I wonder what lesson they’re really determined to learn by experiencing that?”

We avoid casting judgement on another’s experience, situation or state of being because we truly are not aware of what their Soul is trying to learn from that experience. Remember, not everyone evolves (or learns) at the same rate at the same time by using the same experiences . Let me say that again….

Not everyone evolves (or learns) at the same rate at the same time by using the same experiences....

The same goes for the Soul. At a Soul level we are all at different levels of growth and evolution. So how do you step out of your Ego’s judgement and reaction to another’s experience or situation?

You can hold a Safe, Sacred, Space for them and  Practice Compassion.

Start by asking yourself the question above:

“I wonder what lesson they’re determined to learn by experiencing that?”

Don’t try to fix them, heal them, or give them the old “Well, if I were you I’d do this…..” speech. Just move into your Heart Center and Hold a Safe, Sacred, Space of allowing.

ALLOW them to be in whatever energy/experience they need to be in.

Ask your energy fields to bubble up the SOUL-utions to the energy/experience they are going through and MODEL that to them.

So in your head it kind of sounds like this:

“Wow, that experience is quite the story. If that’s what you need to experience in order to grow and evolve then go for it.  I will sit here and hold a safe, sacred, space for you and will invite my energetic fields to bubble up the solutions and I will Model this to you.” 

This then ALLOWS them to be where they are and move, grow or learn at their own pace. When you try to “fix” someone you’re taking energetic responsibility for them and will start to feel all the repercussions of that later. Ie. Anger, frustration etc… Simply model right energy and ALLOW them to move out of that energy/experience at their own rate.

So the next time you want to go into the “I can’t believe so-and-so did this! Or “Can you believe what happened to so-and-so” take a moment and step back from the initial emotional triggers it brings up in you, find your neutral zone and just ponder this question instead…

“I wonder what lesson so-and-so is trying to learn in order to experience, that?” 

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*This article was based on one out of the SI2HC principles Elizabeth Teaches.



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