You Are The Guru!

There are a lot of  Spiritual Teachers and Writers hitting your local Barnes and Noble with their motivating and inspirational stories of how to be a better person.

They write about their trials and tribulations, their own journey of discovery and then, if you’re lucky, they’ll give you some tools in order to ascertain this level of Inner peace and calm for yourself.

What I have come to find, that even the most renowned and respected authors and teachers out there, are still works in progress (myself included) no matter what their claims 😉

They are still working on reigning in their ego, moving out of judgement and in some cases working through the small concept of spiritual arrogance.

Spiritual Arrogance is the “My way is the way that works the best and if you do it MY way then you’re doing it right or let me fix that for you because I know how and you don’t”  mentality.

I’m sure you’ve encountered this once or twice in your life. 😉

My point here is that Guru’s and Teachers are people too… and sometimes they forget to practice what they preach or don’t realize that they’ve stepped out of alignment with themselves and are now walking the path of their ego.

As a student of spiritual teachings and principles it is important to remember that the REAL Guru lies within you!

You are as uniquely Divine as any other spiritual teacher on the planet… so don’t give away your power to someone who may “seem” as if they “know” all the answers – because in truth the only one who holds all the answers for what works for you is YOU!! 

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