Are You A Person Who “Feels Too Much?” Take This Quiz!

Are you someone who takes on other people’s emotions as if their your own? Do you find that you put on weight easily and find it difficult to take off? Do you engage in self-sabotaging behaviors that derails all of your weight loss success due to emotional eating?  Or Do you feel as if you’re carrying the weight of the world on your BODY?!

Weight gain such as this stems from being Empathic. (Read more about Empathic Sensitivity here) People have different levels of empathy but if you’re gaining or holding weight despite dietary changes, exercise and attitude you then you maybe be carrying around more than just your own weight and issues.

Take this Quiz and see if you are Empathically Sensitive:

  1. Do you grow overwhelmed in crowded places like the mall, stadiums or large public events?
  2. I experience feelings/emotions that don’t seem to belong to me.
  3. I can feel someone’s else pain/discomfort and cry at the drop of a hat.
  4. I sneak/hide food that is not healthy for me. I.e. cake, pie, chocolate etc…
  5. I always almost gain weight very quickly during stressful times?
  6. When I think I need to diet I deny myself food as a way to lose weight.
  7. When I diet I got completely off track and have binges and then say “I’ll start again on Monday.”
  8. I don’t feel as if people understand me.
  9. I’d rather be alone or in nature then engage with people or got to a party.
  10. People come to me to talk about their problems because I’m good at helping this way.

If you Answered YES to 5 or more of these then you are Empathically Reactive to the  feelings and emotions of others. 

When you are Empathically Reactive we sometimes use food as a way to change the energy around these things. Once you “feed” the body things like sugar and fat the body literally has to readjust its digestive system and thus change its energy in order to process what you’ve given it. Sure, you might get a temporary high/shift in emotions from eating sugar but anyone who is empathic knows that, that feeling is temporary and then you’re searching the cupboards for your next fix – so to speak 😉

Through my Alchemy or Metamorphosis Coaching Packages we utilize the process of  Weight Release Energetix®  a trademarked InVizion® process that will help you get off the merry-go-round of emotional cycling and teach you how to bring in new ways of empowering and managing the energies of others.

So don’t wait for the next holiday to roll around to start! Do it now!


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Elizabeth Pfeifer is a Certified Intuitive coach(r) via MICI (Master Intuitive Coach Institute) and an Energy Specialist!

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