Did you know that you body can TALK?

YES! It’s true! Your body can communicate what it wants to eat, what it wants to wear, how long it wants to walk for and even what supplements/medication it requires and what doses!!!

Holy cow! Isn’t that fascinating!

Based on the First Principle of the Shifting Into Higher Consciousness Program  states “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” – Your reality can be affected by three other energies which are:

-Your Soul’s Essence

-Your Team (a consciousness that surrounds you in another dimension who have contracted to journey with you during this incarnation)

-and your BODY DEVA, the consciousness of your physical human form that your reside in during this incarnation. 

Today, however, we’re going to focus on HOW you can communicate with your BODY DEVA who can be a huge resource to you each and everyday!

The benefits to doing this is immense and the more you acknowledge the Body Deva consciousness the more aware it becomes of what IT and YOU need, which then turns into a co-creative relationship as opposed to a co-dependent one.

The process in which we can communicate with the consciousness of your body are not new ones and most people are aware of or have heard of Kinesiology/Muscle Testing. The definition below was taken from Dr. Richard Duree, Neuroenergetic Psychology Institute, Oregon, USA.

He was former executive board member and the Research Director for the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (I-ASK).

Specialized Kinesiology is an adjunctive natural healing method that uses muscle testing as a biofeedback technique that is used to determine communication problems, imbalances or dis-harmonies in mind, body or spirit. Once identified the practitioner may employ a wide range of techniques to correct the imbalances identified and confirm the correction by re-testing the muscle.

Through the process of Kinesiology/Muscle testing we can “talk” to the body and ask what it wants/needs which will bring us into greater  states of health, balance and vitality!

In fact, the one day I used it for myself – I asked my body “how long do you want to walk outside for?”

It was a gorgeous day and I needed some exercise. After using the process below the bod said 25 minutes. I thought that was unusually short but I went with it. I stopped to chat with a friend which delayed my return to my home by 10 minutes – but in exactly 25 minutes – I got caught in the biggest thunder storm.

…but my body – ‘knew’ that it was coming. Hence – 25 minutes 😉

So, now I could go through the entire process and TELL you how this works with step-by-step instructions but how boring would that be?

Luckily for us, I found two great videos by Dr. Dain Heer.

Dr. Heer travels all over the world facilitating advanced classes on Access Consciousness™ a deeply transforming energy process for individuals and groups called The Energetic Synthesis of Being.

Although, I’m a trained Access Bars ™ facilitator I don’t use this energy in my daily practice.

However,  I do use several tools from this process because I find that they work and are extremely easy to use and quite helpful.

It just so happens that Dr. Heer has  two really great videos on YouTube that helps explain HOW you can use Kinesiology/Muscle testing to get to know your body better.

So why re-invent  the wheel, right?

Careful ladies… he’s a bit of a flirt 😉





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