New Moon Intention Exercise…

Ever wonder why people makes such a big deal about a New Moon?

Is there really any energy associated with it?

I found this great excerpt which explains it perfectly from Molly Hall at 

“When the Moon is new, the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, and a powerful energy portal is opened. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest. There are many ways to initiate this communion with the Universe from lighting a candle to elaborate rituals. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, healing, support from Spirit.” 

Want to participate but don’t know how? 

Here’s a simple and easy New Moon exercise you can do without all the ritual aspects that still gets the job done.

On the night of the New Moon sit in meditation or simply reflect on what it is you wish to manifest for yourself. It could be anything: new partner, new job, more money, greater clients, greater health, support, clarity etc…

WORLD NEWS (1)Find yourself a Yellow piece of paper (Which is representative of the Third Chakra – the Solar Plexus – your seat of power.) Or use the exercise sheet to the left.

Find yourself a Red pen (Which represents the First Chakra – The Root – which is your seat of safety, security, and abundance.)

Write on you paper all of your intentions for the New Moon. (Everything you want to create, manifest or receive)

Then fold it up and burn it. You can use a candle, outside fire-place, your stove, matches etc… Just make sure you have some type of non-flammable pot, bowl or dish you can place the burning paper into so the flame doesn’t spread.

I would recommend doing that burning OUTSIDE in order to avoid any accidents.

The burning process acts as a Symbol of you sending your intentions into the higher realms so that Spirit can take it up to the heart of Source (Mother, Father, God, Creator – whatever term you use) In order to bring forth that which is in your best and highest good.

What are your visions for the next month?

Do you have intentions you want to set?

Looking to draw something special in your life toward you?

Have fun with this as you draw to you, your heart’s desire!

Let us know how you make out!

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