Fear, Lack and Jealousy…

Do you see friends, co-workers or others in your industry as competition? Are you jealous of their success? Do you copy other people’s creative ideas, thoughts or promotions because you’ve seen it work successfully for them?  Ahhhhhhhh………. the rearing of the vibrational heads of  Fear, Lack and Jealously. 

FEAR sound likes this: “Oh no, her ad is better than mine and people are going to like her better than me now.”

LACK:  “Now I’m not going to get any clients, attention, phone calls etc… or fill in your own blank__________.”

JEALOUSLY : “That ad, project, or video isn’t all that. She looks fat and she talks like she’s got marbles in her mouth.”

Have you caught yourself with any of these thoughts?  Of course you have! It was a trick question and if you answered “No, of course not.” Then you’re not being truthful and I would invite you to do a personal inventory of yourself.

Now, let’s take a look at these feelings from an Vibrational perspective which are based on the Principles of the Shifting Into Higher Consciousness work I do. These Principles hold higher vibrational codes which accelerate spiritual growth and evolution and speak to energy in quite a different way.

FEAR is a big one. We all engage in it, every now and then, but did you ever wonder what the energy behind it was? Well, when you engage in the energy of FEAR you energetically discard the vibrations of trust and faith that you have in yourself and the universe. When you no longer feel as if you trust yourself/universe to provide for you, your fearful thoughts turn into vibrations of…………..

LACK 😦 which ironically is a close cousin to the vibration of FEAR. Not only have you lost faith and trust in yourself/universe to provide but now you have entered the lair of LACK where you truly BELIEVE your Fears and thus expect that no matter what you do, try or create; you will never be able to bring in a streaming flow of clients or financial security like your competitor has. Which leads us into the next vibration……………………

JEALOUSLY: *sigh* Good Ole Jealously…. She’s quite a challenge on her own but when paired with her sisters FEAR and LACK she can become quite the monster.  When you are engaged in the loss of  trust and faith, the belief system that no matter what you try to accomplish it still won’t work and then find your competitor (who does the same thing that you do) becoming very successful while you’re not doing as well….. this will lead to JEALOUSLY.

The vibration/energy around JEALOUSLY is due to an inability to recognize your OWN gifts.  Not your competitor’s gifts… YOUR gifts. Up until this point you’ve been comparing yourself to others (or in this case your competitor) and seeing their wonderfully creative gifts instead of recognizing your own. When you engage in this energy it’s a sign that your lacking trust in yourself, faith that you are capable, fear that it won’t work and – last but not least – the root of it all….CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF.

So the next time you view a friends, co-worker or competitors ad, campaign, article, post, Facebook feed etc… and you get those nagging feelings of FEAR, LACK AND JEALOUSLY silently thank them (Yes, I said thank them!) …  for pointing out where you need to make your own personal adjustments so that you can be loyal to yourself, your talents and your own inner creative source.With all of your vibrations/energy in check then next thing you’ll create will exude SELF-CONFIDENCE, CREATIVITY, ABUNDANCE AND JOY!

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