How Illness Manifests…

This is a very interesting, complicated explanation that I will attempt to put into simple terms so that even those who are not energetically inclined can get a working reference.

Let’s start from here..

“You are not a human being having a spiritual experience… but instead you are a Soul being having a Human experience.”

Therefore, you are a Soul, in which we describe, residing in a tube of light (Divine Line) that runs down the front of your spine within your Human physical form (or as we refer to it Your Body Deva or the Consciousness of your Physical Human form.)

Your Soul, by definition, is a higher aspect of you that resides in another dimension and holds a higher vibration of your greatest potential which is in direct alignment with your Source (Mother, Father, God, goddess, Lord, etc…)

You (your Soul) are an energetic being and thus have the power to create Love or discord. When you are out of balance with your thoughts, feelings and emotions you create discord.

When your internal world (which includes how you think, feel and perceive your life) creates discord – it is then reflected out into your physical world (the life you live) in order to give you a mirrors reflection of that discord so that you may see/witness your current state of being and make the appropriate changes.

So how does that manifest illness?

You, as a  Soul Being – are a huge energy source – so large in fact, that your entirety can not be stuffed into the little human body that you’re in. You’re simply not going to fit and if you were stuffed in there just to prove a point – you would explode.

So imagine, that only some of you resides within a tube of light that runs down the front of your spine, while the rest of you… spans out around the body.

There are SEVERAL layers to your Energy that expand out. On average, those layers expand about 3-5 feet, but can potentially expand out as far as 20 feet in diameter.

So illness, begins when perpetual negative thoughts, belief systems rooted in fear or negativity, trauma or negative experiences gets lodged in the outer edge of your energy fields.

The longer we ruminate about these thoughts and beliefs – and then convince ourselves that they are true; the closer they move toward your physical human form.

When that discords actually HITS the physical form- it manifests in the human body as illness or Dis – ease.

Energy Healing is one alternative way of clearing away/dissolving the Dis – ease from the energy fields which brings the fields back into greater states of health, balance and vitality.

Sometimes this energy is unconscious to a person’s psyche. Meaning, you don’t even know it’s there because you’re not aware of the dis-cord you’re creating with your thoughts.

Want to see real pictures of how this works when it clears. Watch the video below.

You will be truly amazed… Promise!!


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