The Language of Spirit…

Ever wonder if spirit is trying to communicate with you? Do you know how to interpret their messages? For the majority of individuals – the language of spirit lies in pictures and symbols. When you meditate, dream or suddenly receive a picture, in your mind’s eye, that’s a message.

Those of us trained in the In-Vizion process ™ will tell you that spirit uses these landscapes/pictures as a way of communicating a message. Sometimes it’s just a picture and sometimes it’s a vast landscape with multiple messages within. Carl Jung, in his book titled “Man and his Symbols” explores the use of symbols in this way. There are universal symbols, which are symbols that the majority of the human population can recognize; however, he warns that not all recognizable symbols mean the same thing for everyone which can be dependent  upon your background and culture.

Of course, you can rely on a number of resources for symbol definitions but when they don’t resonate with you, the most important question to ask  is  “What does this symbol, landscape or picture mean to me?”  

Let’s look at an example:

This is a card from Colette’s The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck. We use these cards in our practice. They’re not only beautiful but help you become familiar with the language of spirit.

So imagine that during a meditation or dream time or you happen to be somewhere and this picture finds you. It strikes some type of chord within you and you just KNOW this is a message for you.

Explore: Below are some of the symbols in this picture. At first glance you didn’t really take notice of them did you? (No, worries… neither did I before training in this module 🙂  

  • Woman
  • Dragonfly
  • Orbs
  • Celestial skies
  • Clouds

So what could this picture be telling us? Well let’s delve a little further into its symbology and see what  they represent.

  • Maiden – Feminine, a sense of innocence, and being receptive
  • Dragonfly – Being able to see past illusions, connects with the world of elemental’s.
  • Orbs – The collective consciousness of  (We are one.)
  • Celestial skies – Oneness along with infinite possibilities
  • Clouds – Dreaminess and spiritual calling

What type of feeling do you get from this card?

Does it send you a specific message?

Does it resonate with some part of you?

The Spark card reminds us that  “You are a clear channel for Divine creativity”

Does that resonate with you?

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