Irritation, Lethargy and Fear – Oh My!

Woooooooo! Can you feel the irritation in the air? Have you noticed that people tend to annoy you more all of sudden?

Right now the energy is a little wonky as we find ourselves merging at a rapid rate into a higher realm (an area of consciousness that holds a higher frequency of light.) When we merge into a higher realm it’s a time in which we shed some of our old behaviors we no longer need. I describe it like being a wet towel that’s being run through the ringer… squeezing out the old dirty water so that new fresh and clean water has room to come in…. or squeezing out all the old vibrations so that new higher vibrating ones can come in.

During these times of “squeezing” 😉 we find ourselves thrust into the unknown. Right now the veils to the other side are really thin and energetic discernment can become a challenge; eliciting experiences such as fear, irritation, being short-tempered, addictive behaviors, lethargy (oh, the lethargy!) and feelings of being stuck… no matter what you try to shake it. Nightmares can also occur during these times of dimensional shifting.

Staying grounded is very important during these times. I created this video using color therapy, Solfeggio tones to help ground and help clear the chakra centers (energy centers).

Give it a whirl – you might find it helpful.

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