Have you ever gotten the sense, feeling or knowing that you need to slow down and maybe even take a break from what you’re doing? Whether you do spiritual work or not the fact of the matter is, is when the body tells you “I need a break” you must honor that message. Ever find yourself on a roll? Super busy – but find yourself exhausted at the end of the day? Are you ignoring your body’s cry for rest? Well no worries!! If you can’t seem to find the time to rest, relax, and get back into balance…. your body will do it for you!!! How? Easy, suddenly you will find yourself developing troublesome symptoms of allergies, catch the flu or cold, feel run down and fatigued or present with some other type of physical ailment that will literally and rhetorically….SLOW YOU DOWN.

Do you do a lot of spiritual/energy work on yourself and suddenly find yourself in the “Gap” when suddenly nothing works? All the pictures in your meditation/imagination are blank or the screen just goes dark? The times when you try to access higher information only to be greeted with a “Sorry, no one’s home right now to give you any visual imagery“message? Well, it’s the same thing. If you don’t slow down and allow for time to integrate all the work you’re doing and insist on pushing forward… Spirit will say “enough is enough” and pull the plug! I experienced this during my Wealth Energtix training with Colette Baron Reid. I was making some huge personal shifts during the program and then started working on my pieces each day before the next tele-call…. that was it – Spirit pulled the plug and I ended up in the gap for about 2 weeks! A message to “slow down and integrate.” 

Now understand clearly, that “forced stoppage” isn’t something negative. In fact, I like to think of it as a built-in warning system. If you pay attention to the signs and course correct accordingly, you can save yourself some aggravation, frustration and even a nasty flu or cold. Missed the signs? No problem!! Spirit and your Body have got you covered. The process of “slowing down” is purposeful. Not only does it allow you to rest and re-charge but it allows you to become more present, get yourself back into balance, integrate and just be…

How can you avoid the looming stoppage? Pay attention. Listen to your body. Are you fatigued? Then rest. Go to bed a little earlier, take a nap, and curtail your after work activities. Is all the energy/spiritual work making you feel like a zombie walking through the day unable to think or speak? Are you forgetting words or stopping mid-thought because you lost your concentration? Having mood swings? Crying out of the blue because you’re clearing old patterns that no longer serve you? Yes??? Then STOP….rest and integrate!!

How?  GO PLAY! Warmer weather is coming… get outside, take a walk, lay out on your back porch or patio, read a book, walk your dog, work in your garden, meet a friend for coffee. I don’t watch television on a regular basis so during these times I’ll visit and catch up on my favorite tv shows that make me laugh like “New Girl or The Big Band Theory.” Take a break so you can see the other aspects of your life that you’re missing by behaving like an Ostrich with its head in the sand.

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