Mandala-gold-foil-trans-with-stroke (1)Do you “soak” up other people’s energy/feelings that suddenly change your mood?

Can you walk into a room and just “feel/know” that something’s not quite right?

Actually those were trick questions… everyone is subject to Empathic Sensitivity… unfortunately if you’re energetically sensitive than you pick up on it more than others and you might not even realize it.

Empathic Sensitivity is when your energetic fields act like a sponge and “soak up” someone else’s energy into your own fields without realizing it. Then you go around thinking that those energies that now have affected your thoughts, feelings and emotions belongs to YOU!

Here’s an everyday example of how this works:

You walk into a grocery store having a great day, all chipper and humming along and when it’s time to check out you notice the check out lady is grumpy, and maybe even a bit rude with her customers.

She doesn’t even bother to greet you when it’s your turn.

Once you’re finished checking out you’re in the parking lot and you notice that your “great day” has suddenly gone down the crapper. You find yourself feeling angry, irritable and grumpy.

You take a moment to think about what just happened and realize…… that the feelings you’re experiencing were exactly the same ones you observed/felt about the check out lady! “Well, how the heck did that happen?” …you wonder.

This also happens when you’re talking on phone with a friend who’s in tears or is upset. You try to be supportive but at the end of the call you find yourself drained of energy and not feeling like you’re old chipper self – but your friend on the other line is like “thank you so much for talking to me – I feel so much better now!”

I BET she does – that’s because she just dumped all of her stuff on you and now you’re FEELING IT!

So what happened?

Well, on some level your energetic fields  “soaked up” the check out lady and your friends energy and pulled all their issues, drama, feelings and thoughts into your own fields and you have been what we call “triggered.”

When you are “triggered” your energy fields “pick up” on another persons stuff and for that time you walk in their shoes and feel the pain of their journey.

Your higher self says “OMG, that feels awful” and energetically asks you send the other person energetic information so that you can stop feeling their stuff and that they can possibly receive some helpful information at the level of their Higher Selves.

It’s about discerning what is yours, what  is not and being able to hold a safe and sacred space of compassion for the other person you just felt; while sending them all relevant and appropriate energetic information.

To Identify Energy as being yours or someone else’s… Simply use this simple exercise.

  • 1. Notice the energy you are feeling?

  • 2. Ask “Who does this energy belong to?” If you feel the sense of a heavier energy coming down on you then “whoops” that stuff belongs to YOU and you’re going to have to deal with it…. anything that belongs to you, you CAN shift… but what belongs to OTHERS you can not!

  • 3. If you feel a lighter feeling lift up and off of you then it’s NOT YOURS.

  • 4. Hold a space of compassion. (you just felt everything their going through)

  • 5. Ask your higher self to send energetic information to them and return all empathic sensitivity back to its right and perfect place where it can be received with all relevant and appropriate information.

  • 6. Ask your higher self to bring the solutions to the energy you’ve felt into your own fields, bubble them up in your own fields and model it on you.

So spend the day noticing your feelings and ask “Who does that energy belong to?”

You might be surprised!!

Want some Energetic Interventions to help you get clean and clear of other people’s Shift 😉



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