How, you ask?….

First, you have to come to the realization that what you’re currently doing isn’t working. and Second, you have to realize that you need to do something else!  As simple as that sounds you’d be surprised at how many times I’ve heard people say “Well, I don’t know….”  That’s the illusion of fear. The fear of taking back control over your life by taking the next step that will ultimately lead  you into the unknown… On some level people are comfortable in their fear because it’s familiar. You already know how it feels, what to expect, and how it will go. If you change it  by stepping out of that comfort zone you step into the area of unfamiliarity…. and that scares people.

During these times of change one must have Trust – Trust that you are Divinely directed and Divinely protected during this process… and that takes Faith. When you find yourself at this cross-road you only have two Choices…

1. Keep things the way they are.

2. Change it.

Right now, imagine yourself standing at the foot of this bridge. On the other side is all your hopes, your dreams and your passion. Yet, you find yourself frozen and can’t seem to take the first step. “What if  I fall?” “What if I get there and it doesn’t work out?” “What if I’m not worthy of what awaits me on the other side?” This is where your subconscious fear steps in. (see my post on Goblins for detailed information on this)  So while you engulf yourself in all the reasons as to why you can’t do it – how about filling yourself with all the reasons as to why you should and take that first step?

Don’t worry about the blocks! I can help!

Using the In-vizion process, founded by Colette Baron-Reid, I will help you identify the blocks you place in front of you, help you identify your self-defeating thoughts, your old behavior patterns, belief systems, and those past emotional wounds that keep you from being your true authentic self! Through this process, you get a better grasp as to what issues are holding you back and are then given the opportunity to SHIFT them and create your own BREAKTHROUGH!!

Hence… FREEDOM!!

The only person that holds the key to your success is YOU… and YOU are the only one that can free yourself from your own blocks…  it’s simply my job to show you how to navigate your own MAP of destiny and guide you across the bridge to the land where all your dreams await!

Are you ready to take that first step?


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Elizabeth is a Shifting Into Higher Consciousness Guide/Teacher as well as a Certified Intuitive Coach (r)*

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